Request for Seminars

To disseminate the message of integrity is the key mission of the CCAC in the area of integrity education. The CCAC is ready to organise seminars and talks of different topics in different forms in order to enhance public's understanding of corruption fighting and prevention and the culture of integrity.

Civic associations are welcome to organise members to visit the Branch Offices of the CCAC and to participate in seminars or workshops held there, which will allow them to have better understanding of the CCAC’s work in the fight against corruption, ombudsman’s actions and supporting clean elections.
Primary schools: "New Generation of Integrity - Education Programme on Honesty for Primary Students" held in the Branch Office at Areia Preta disseminates the message of integrity to primary students in a lighthearted way through activity approach.
Secondary schools: The Education Programme on Integrity for Teenagers features talks of different topics including honesty, integrity, fairness and justice and values of money, where the students are guided to discuss and think about ethics and values through real cases and current issues.
Tertiary education: The talks on integrity tailor-made for tertiary students centres around the law Prevention and Suppression of Bribery in the Private Sector, where the constitutive elements of the crimes of active bribery and passive bribery are explained in order to remind the students to stay alert to the corruption traps in the workplace and uphold integrity and righteousness.
Visit to the Branch Office in Taipa: Secondary schools and tertiary institutions are welcome to organise academic staff and students to visit the CCAC’s Branch Office in Taipa, where its multimedia and interactive facilities will allow them to better understand the functions and work of the CCAC.
Teaching staff (school-based training programme): Entitled "Integrity Awareness and Education", the seminar targets at teaching staff of non-tertiary private schools of the local education system. It aims to deepen the understanding of Macao's legal systems on corruption prevention so as to raise the integrity awareness among managerial personnel and teachers of schools in their professions and to deepen the content of integrity education. The seminar features topics such as the corruption prevention systems, the impact of the crime of bribery and handling of conflicts of interest. Attendees will be given a certificate after attending the 1.5-hour seminar.
Mainly include seminars about the law Prevention and Suppression of Bribery in the Private Sector and talks on integrity awareness, which promote fair business practice and high degree of integrity.
The CCAC organises talks and seminars on different themes for public servants working in different areas, including integrity and observance, noble character and righteous conduct, public procurement, declaration of assets and interests and ombudsman, etc. in order to strengthen their understanding of the relevant laws and reduce the risk of inadvertently breaking the law. In addition, the CCAC also provides public departments with tailor-made training at their request.
Should you be interested in holding a talk on integrity for the staff of your department/institution, please feel free to contact the Community Relations Department of the CCAC.