Integrity education for teenagers

iconNew Generation of Integrity – Education Programme on Honesty for Primary Students

Tailor-made for Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils, the activity is held at the Integrity Teaching Area within the Branch Office at Areia Preta. Featuring multimedia and intelligence teaching modes, it aims to instil the importance of honesty and integrity into primary school students so they will be righteous and honest. 


Students in the lesson

  • William, the AI robot, introducing the CCAC's competence and functions to students

  • Listening to real CCAC cases introduction

  • Group discussion

  • Role play

  • Visiting the simulated statement taking room

  • Visiting the simulated identification parade room

  • Sharing their own experience

  • Integrating the power of integrity under the Tree of Energy of Integrity

  • Playing game

  • Watching puppet play

  • Answering questions enthusiastically

  • Experiencing devices in the Branch Office