privacy-icon Commissioner Against Corruption Chan Tsz King led delegation to visit Office of the Ombudsman of Hong Kong

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date-icon Release:2023/03/07

The Commissioner Against Corruption, Chan Tsz King, has led a delegation to visit Hong Kong again. They visited the Office of the Ombudsman of Hong Kong and met with the Ombudsman, Chiu Wai-yin. 

Chan Tsz King stated that in addition to fighting corruption, the Commission Against Corruption also performs the function as the Ombudsman in order to supervise whether public departments perform their duties lawfully and safeguard residents’ rights and interests. Chan Tsz King pointed out that the CCAC has been stepping up effort in executing the retrospective review mechanism in recent years by including some of the handled cases into the list and reviewing if improvement has been made by the departments involved in a timely manner according to the opinions of the CCAC. He also pointed out that the CCAC has been striving to make complaint filing easier and more convenient for residents. At present, the use of the CCAC’s online complaint system is satisfactory and the CCAC will continue to encourage residents to file complaints online. 

The Ombudsman Chiu Wai-yin welcomed the arrival of Commissioner Chan Tsz King and others for a visit and introduced the works and visions of the Office of the Ombudsman. She pointed out the importance of treating residents in an impartial way by the administrative departments and that cases resolved by mediation by the Office of the Ombudsman will not hinder residents from safeguarding their own rights through judicial means.

Ever since Macao implemented full resumption of normal travel, the CCAC has been striving to strengthen exchange and cooperation with the supervisory agencies in the surrounding regions. This is the second visit of the Commissioner Chan Tsz King following the visit to the Independent Commission Against Corruption of Hong Kong last week. The delegates who paid the visit to Hong Kong with Chan Tsz King included the Deputy Commissioner, Lam In Sang, and the Chief of the Cabinet of the Commissioner Against Corruption, Chan In Chio, among others. The Deputy Ombudsman of Hong Kong, So Kam-shing, and the Assistant Ombudsmen, Chak Shui-hang and Sara Tse, among others, also attended the meeting.

The CCAC’s delegation visiting the Office of the Ombudsman of Hong Kong

The Commissioner Against Corruption, Chan Tsz King, meeting with the Ombudsman of Hong Kong, Chiu Wai-yin