Competitions and special events

icon "Promoting Honesty" video contest for secondary school students

In October 2015, the CCAC started to launch a video contest entitled "Promoting Honesty" for secondary school students. The objective of the contest was to allow students to promote the message of integrity and law-abidingness by vividly conveying the themes of "fairness", "incorruptibility", "values about money" and "honesty and loyalty" through the lens. A total of 89 entries from 18 schools were collected.

The judging panel, consisting of the representatives of the CCAC and professionals from the local film and television industry, shortlisted 15 videos from each group and awarded each group the Champion, 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up and the Merit Award. The awards ceremony was held on 28th May 2016.

“影像傳誠”中學生創意短片比賽3 “影像傳誠”中學生創意短片比賽1
“影像傳誠”中學生創意短片比賽4 “影像傳誠”中學生創意短片比賽5