privacy-icon CCAC uncovers profit making by a worker of Sports Bureau through claiming back exaggerated expenses of supplies

Category: Detected Cases Release method: Press Releases

date-icon Release:2023/03/15

The CCAC detected a case where a worker of the Sports Bureau allegedly submitted forged receipts to his department in the course of procuring supplies for his department. The worker allegedly claimed back the exaggerated expenses of some supplies purchased from an online shopping platform of the Chinese mainland, and he was also suspected to sell the parts of some scrap air conditioners privately for profit. 

The CCAC initiated an investigation after receiving complaints against the worker earlier. It was found that in the course of procuring supplies for his department, the worker had purchased the relevant supplies from an online shopping platform of the Chinese mainland several times in violation of internal regulations and allegedly submitted several forged receipts mentioning untrue contents and amounts to the department for claiming back the expenses, from which over MOP4,000 was gained illicitly. The worker has allegedly committed document forgery and fraud in accordance with the Penal Code. The case has been referred to the Public Prosecutions Office for follow-up.

Moreover, during investigation, the CCAC also discovered that the worker had allegedly failed to dispose of the scrap air conditioners according to the instructions of his superior. Instead, he moved the parts of the air conditioners to a hardware store for selling where he gained a profit of more than MOP7,000. Afterwards, he did not report such matter to the superior. He allegedly violated the duties of impartiality and obedience provided for in the Statute of Personnel of the Public Administration of Macao. The CCAC has notified the Sports Bureau for follow-up actions.