privacy-icon Commissioner Against Corruption Chan Tsz King led delegation to visit ICAC of Hong Kong

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date-icon Release:2023/02/28

Today (28th February), the Commissioner Against Corruption, Chan Tsz King, led a delegation to visit the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) of Hong Kong and met with the Commissioner, Woo Ying-ming. Both sides exchanged views on the works of integrity building of Macao and Hong Kong and stressed that the goals that both of them are pursuing are the same and that they will continue to strengthen the cooperation in the future and bear zero tolerance of lawbreakers.

According to Chan Tsz King, with society returning to normalcy, he looked forward to more cooperation with the ICAC in the future. He also expressed his gratitude to the ICAC for its long-standing support and assistance. In addition, he introduced the “Integrity Management Plan” to be carried out by the CCAC, which targets at public departments at the first stage and the private sector after. Pointing out that the law on fighting corruption in the private sector in Macao has been in force for more than a decade, Chan Tsz King hoped that they can improve the relevant system by drawing on the experience of the ICAC according to the actual circumstances of Macao.

Commissioner Woo Ying-ming welcomed the arrival of the delegation of the CCAC of Macao for a visit. He agreed that the continuous collaboration between the ICAC of Hong Kong and the CCAC of Macao will be more productive on the works of anti-corruption. He also introduced the nature of the cases cracked down on by the ICAC recently and its supervision works on the elections. He mentioned that the ICAC will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year and will strive to promote the integrity culture of Hong Kong.

The delegates who paid the visit to Hong Kong with Commissioner Chan Tsz King included the Deputy Commissioner, Ao Ieong Seong, and the Chief of the Cabinet of the Commissioner Against Corruption, Chan In Chio, among others. The delegation also visited the facilities in the ICAC Building. The Deputy Commissioner and Head of Operations of the ICAC, Yau Shu-chun, and the Director of Corruption Prevention, Lee Yat-sau, among others, also attended the meeting.

The CCAC’s delegation visiting the ICAC of Hong Kong

The CCAC’s delegates visiting the facilities of the ICAC of Hong Kong