The CCAC, upon receiving the information provided by the Industrial and Commercial Development Fund today, has started the investigation of Viva Macau’s loan case.

The Commissioner Against Corruption has issued, according to Law no. 10/2000 (Organic Law of the Commission Against Corruption of the Macao Special Administrative Region), an order to carry out an investigation into the incident concerning the granting of loans by the Industrial and Commercial Development Fund to Viva Macau. Once any illegal acts or disciplinary offences are identified during the investigation, the CCAC will deal with them according to law. The CCAC aims to review the legality and rationality of the relevant vetting and approval procedures as well as the loan recovery process and will also find out the existing problems.

The CCAC will, upon completion of the investigation, notify the Chief Executive of its findings in accordance with the legal provisions and make a timely announcement to the public.