To ensure fairness and honesty in the 6th Legislative Assembly Elections, since the kick-off of the electoral propaganda period starting from 2nd September, the CCAC has stepped up its monitoring efforts in the fight against electoral bribery.

According to the newly amended Electoral Law of the Legislative Assembly, any civil association that has some sort of connection with a candidate or the candidate himself, who organises or participates in free meals or trips or gives away allowances during the electoral propaganda period, must make a declaration to the Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Committee (CAEAL). Based on the information provided by the civil associations and candidates in their declarations, the CCAC has been conducting random checks on some of the meals and trips hosted recently, aiming to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the declarations and monitor if the activities concerned were associated with electoral propaganda.

Since the Election Day is coming soon, the CCAC will further intensify the supervision and law-enforcement to fight electoral bribery. For citizens’ convenience to file a complaint or report on the illegal acts related to the elections, the manned complaint hotline jointly run by the CCAC and the CAEAL (28997733) will be available on a 24-hour basis on 16th and 17th September and citizens can also lodge a complaint via the online platform ( Moreover, the CCAC will open its Complaint Centre located at 14th floor of Dynasty Plaza and the Branch Offices located at the ground floor of Edf. U Wa, Areia Preta and the ground floor of Edf. Nova City, Bloco 4, Taipa on 16th and 17th September from 9am to 9pm in order to receive complaints from citizens.