Recently, the CCAC has received media enquiries about whether it will carry out an investigation of the possible flaws in the typhoon forecasts issued by the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) and hereby gives the following information:

In August 2016, typhoon “Nida” hit Macao, but the SMG did not issued tropical cyclone warning signal no. 8. After that, the CCAC received complaints from many citizens, who raised doubts on the SMG’s decision not to issue warning signal no. 8 and requested the CCAC to investigate into the case. After investigation, the CCAC did not find any violation of the law from the SMG’s decision. However, certain problems were found from the typhoon forecasting procedures, the criteria adopted by the bureau and the internal management. Finally, the CCAC pointed them out to the leadership of the SMG and rendered some suggestions of improvement.

Typhoon “Hato”, which hit Macao a few days ago, has caused a large number of casualties and serious property loss. Later, the CCAC also received numerous complaints, in which the doubts on the typhoon forecasts of the SMG were raised again and the CCAC was requested to investigate whether there were any illegalities or irregularities.

According to the Organic Law of the Commission Against Corruption of the Macao Special Administrative Region, the Commissioner Against Corruption, by an order, has assigned the Ombudsman Bureau to carry out an investigation into the typhoon forecasting procedures and internal management of the SMG, particularly looking to determine any responsibilities in the context of the adopted procedures for the prediction of typhoons and the internal management of the SMG assumed by the former Director, Fong Soi Kun. The results of the investigation will be submitted to the Chief Executive and the investigation report will be publicized.