A series of training events for the Volunteer Team for Clean Elections 2017 recruited by the CCAC has already finished. Starting from 6th August (Sunday), the volunteers will go to different districts in Macao to interact with the citizens in order to promote electoral probity.

At the upcoming weekends in this month, the volunteer team will hold the “Tour on Clean Elections 2017” at the park of Iao Hon Market (6th Aug), the Leisure Area of Edf. Lok Yeong Fa Yuen (12th and 13th Aug), the Leisure Area at Rotunda de Carlos da Maia (19th Aug), the Leisure Area of Edf. Wang Hoi & Wang Kin at Fai Chi Kei (20th Aug), the area beside the Garden of Flower City (26th Aug) and the Leisure Area at Rotunda de Carlos da Maia (27th Aug), where there are booth games, exhibition boards with pictures and descriptions, which enable the citizens to understand the stipulations under the Electoral Law of the Legislative Assembly. In addition, the volunteers will also invite the citizens to participate in the quiz games during the events in order to directly disseminate the message of electoral probity to them.

In early June, the CCAC recruited Form 3 to Form 6 students as members of the volunteer team and finally selected 83 students. On 15th, 16th and 31st July, the CCAC organised a series of training events for them, including talks about the CCAC and the electoral law, a team spirit training camp and visits to the CCAC, the Legislative Assembly and the Electoral Affairs Information Centre. In late August, the volunteers will pay a visit to the Independent Commission Against Corruption of Hong Kong.

The Legislative Assembly Elections will be held on 17th September. The CCAC hopes that through participating in the promotional events, the teenagers’ understanding of clean elections will be deepened and they will spread the message among their family members, friends and classmates so as to join hands with them to create a fair, just and clean environment for the Legislative Assembly Elections this year.